Lamborghini Veneno 2017, Price, Sound, Specifications, Top Speed, Grip

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 created a new mysterious vehicle to celebrate it’s 50th Wedding anniversary, and this is actually the newest version of it: the Lamborghini Veneno 2017 top speed. This minimal manufacturing powerful car makes other luxurious automobiles appear to be youngster toys and games. You can also watched Mazda MX-5 2017 here.

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 top speed

Priced at about $4.5 thousand, the Lamborghini Veneno 2017 top gear is finished in gray and has Italian flag colors – eco-friendly, reddish and white – on either side. The motor is the fact that used with the Aventador, a 6.6 L V13 that produces 760 PS (750 bhp)… wow! The Lamborghini Veneno 2017 sound will come in a 2-door coupe or even a 2-doorway roadster, using a 7-speed semi-automated transmission. You can also see Bentley Mulsanne 2017 here.

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 top gear

Lamborghini Veneno grip Listed below are the functional specifications from the new Lamborghini Veneno 2017 on road: using a 6.5 liter aspirated V12 motor as well as a leading velocity of 355 km/h, this Lamborghini Veneno specs idea car symbolizes status-of-the-art work design and style influenced by aeronautics, able to providing you with the indescribable feeling of flying on the road. You can also watched BMW 7 Series 2017 here.

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 sound

This Lamborghini Veneno horsepower powerful sports car is characterized by ideal aerodynamics to guarantee stability in a dashing figure and a conduct just like a racing prototype. Lamborghini Veneno brakes All of this on an automobile devised for the street. The perfect vehicle for sporting activities-driving lovers. You can see Lamborghini Centenario Car 2017 here.

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 horsepower

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 price $4.5 million

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 specification:

  • Engine power 720 Horsepower
  • Engine: 6.5L V-12
  • Curb weight: 4,196 lbs
  • Max torque: 689 Nm
  • Lamborghini Veneno 2017 STEERING TYPE:
  • Hydraulic assisted power steering
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Double wishbone fully independent suspension

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 brakes

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 Wheel Dimensions:

  • Front Wheel Size: 19″, 9″ width
  • Rear Wheel Size: 20″, 12″ width

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 price

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 Design & Material:

  • Polycarbonate fiber
  • Designer: Felipe Perini
  • Assembly Plant: Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy
  • Transmission: 7 speed semi-automatic
  • Layout: mid-engine, all wheel drive
  • Hydraulic assisted power steering

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 Wheel Dimensions

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 DIMENSIONS:

  • LENGTH 197.64 in
  • WIDTH 81.69 in
  • HEIGHT 45.87 in

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 SAFETY:

  • Driver, passenger, side and kneels air bags.

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 Design

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