Jaguar F-Type Sports Car 2017

The Jaguar F-Type 2017 is the same luxury sports car, we have come to know and love over the past two years, but this is at the Auto Show 2014, with some notable changes. All wheels drive is standard on the F-TYPE R Coupe and Roadster V8 (and optional on the midgrade Jaguar F-Type New Model ). A 6-speed manual transmission is available on all models with rear-wheel drive. The electric steering is now standard on all Jaguar F-Type luxury  and Bugatti debuted some new standard features, including intelligent integration system InControl.

Jaguar F-Type 2017

It is an exciting development for a sports car built for this purpose. These cars do not need the rear-wheel drive (Nissan GT-R is just one of many luxury cars four-wheel drive successfully).

Jaguar F-Type New Model

Since the transmission of the actual wheel is standard on Jaguar F-Type Space, Jaguar speed can surprises us, at least, does not allow you to choose the top- gear Jaguar F-Type Review and Audi Car. First, the drive system sends 100 percent of its power to the rear wheels by default supposedly preserving the characteristics of true wheel drive car driving – but then, the system lifts the suspension Jaguar F-Type Sports car weight.

Jaguar F-Type New Model

The Porsche 911 Turbo, which is only available is the with all-wheel drive, was comparable to that of his brother’s rear-wheel drive, but Porsche also offers similar able to drive back 911 GT3 for purists.

Jaguar F-Type Review

Jaguar F-type specifications :

  1. Cylinders/ Valves per Cylinder: (6/4)
  2. Bore/Stroke: (84.5/89)
  3. Capacity of CC: (2,995)
  4. Maximum Power EEC-PS (KW): (340 to 250)
  5. Rev/min (6,500)
  6. Maximum torque EEC-Nm(in, ft.): (450 to 332)
  7. Rev/min : (3,500 to 5,000)
  8. Compression ratio : (10.5:1)
  9. Transmission Speed: (6 Speed Manual)
  10. Speed 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) seconds : (5.5 (5.7)
  11. Top Speed mph (km/h): (161 to 260)

 Jaguar F-Type Sports car

2017 Jaguar F-type price $106,395

  1. Ammonite Gray Metallic [Gray]
  2. Black Berry [Black]
  3. British Racing Green Metallic [Green]
  4. Caldera Red Metallic [Red]
  5. Dark Sapphire Metallic [Blue]
  6. Ebony Black [Black]
  7. Firesand Metallic [Orange]
  8. Glacier White Metallic [Off-white]


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