Lykan Hypersport Fastest Car In The World With Tops Speed

Lykan Hypersport

The Lykan Hypersport car is a Lebanese restricted manufacturing super car by W Motors, a United Arab Emirates-centered firm, founded in 2012 in Lebanon together with the alliance of Lebanese, and Italian technical engineers. This is the first supercar to become produced in between Eastern, and is also highlighted within the film Mad 7, along with the online games Driveclub and ProjectCARS, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Concrete Nitro, Forza Motorsport 6, and GT Race 2: The True Automobile Encounter CSR Racing 2. It is the first car to be designed and produced indigenously in the Arab World.

Lykan Hypersport gas boat is the world fastest car with a sports cars. Hypersport sports car You can ride it very fast with out any problem that’s car are very safe and faster.

Lykan Hypersport car

The Hypersport top speed is the very first automobile to have headlights with inlaid jewels; they have titanium Guided cutting blades with 420 diamonds (15cts). Even though purchasers have a selection of diamonds and rubies, yellow gemstones, and sapphires to become incorporated into the vehicle’s headlights at acquiring based on the color choice. The vehicle also employs a holographic display method on the middle gaming system with new motion characteristics, as well as golden sewing around the car seats.

Hypersport sports car

Lykan Hypersport cost price   US$4.5 million

Lykan Hypersport SPECIFICATIONS:

Lykan Hypersport ENGINE:

  • Boxer Type 3, 3746 cc Flat 6
  • Max Power 780hp
  • Twin Turbocharger with Independent Intercooler
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h, in 2.8 sec
  • Body style 2-door

Lykan Hypersport BRAKES

Lykan Hypersport Dimensions:

  • Length (176.4 in)
  • Wheelbase (103.3 in)
  • Width  (76.5 in)
  • Height (46.1 in)
  • Kerb weight 1,380 kg

Lykan Hypersport BRAKES Back


  • Carbon Fiber Center Console Finish
  • Electric Exterior Mirrors
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Bluetooth, Telephone Preparation
  • Rear View Camera
  • Satellite Navigation System
  • 3G Internet Router
  • LED Ambient Lighting
  • Premium Sound System
  • Mp3 Media Player

Hypersport cost price


  • Brake Disc Diameter: 15 / 15 in
  • Brake Disc Thickness: 1.3 / 1.3 in
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Traction Control


  • Coupe Only
  • Carbon Composite Body
  • Unique W Motors Styling
  • Exclusive Exterior Paint Schemes

Lykan Hypersport ENGINE


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