GT4 Stinger New Model Sports Car 2017 With Top Speed

The GT4 Stinger top speed is Kia’s most intense idea car at any time as well as a real enthusiast’s equipment. Hearkening to the glory days of purebred, cost-effective sporting activities cars, Kia’s U.S. design and style staff approached the GT4 Stinger faster car undertaking with a vision to bodyweight features, reduction and natural driving entertainment.

GT4 Stinger top speed

The idea shuns the luxurious trappings of the conventional Grand Visiting vehicle and embraces the elemental experience of absolutely fascinating using the car.The GT4 Stinger Concept changes heads being an everyday car owner and is right in the home on the path way too, for a real back end-generate 2+2 sports car. You can see Acura NSX new model 2017 here.

GT4 Stinger faster car

Underneath the hood exists a tuned version of GT4 Stinger production proven 2.-liter turbocharged fuel immediate injected (T-GDI) 4-tube engine, which places out a remarkable 315 horsepower. That energy is put to the floor through a close up-rate half a dozen-pace handbook transmitting traveling the back tires, which happen to be covered with 275/35R-20 Pirelli P-No efficiency wheels with part-carving hold. You can watched Lykan Hypersport Fastest Car 2017 here.

GT4 Stinger new model

The outcome can be a get back to the visceral experience of driving which is in the middle of the Kia concept.The GT4 Stinger new model interior is a purposeful in design and functional naturally. Center and Front on the vehicle driver can be dense D-shaped controls and red LED-illuminated tool solar panel with large tachometer and gear indication. You can see BMW i8 Sports Car Latest Model 2017 Tops Speed here.

GT4 Stinger Concept

Consistent with the track theme and getting ideas from competition and athletics vehicles of history, interior entrance takes care of have been exchanged by red-stitched pull bands. Highlighting the mindset of pure, unadulterated driving a car, the GT4 Stinger space makes do without the luxury of any stereo. Alternatively, the free-circulation exhaust plumbing will be tuned to the ear of traveling enthusiasts all over the place. You can aslo watched Bugatti Veyron 2017 here.

GT4 Stinger space

GT4 Stinger prices $30,000


  • year: 2017Engine Power 315 horsepower
  • turbocharged V6 engine
  • Top Speed 160km/h
  • Displacement 0-60 time in 5 sec
  • 6-speed manual gearbox
  • Exterior Dimensions:
  • Length 169.7 inches
  • Width 74.4 inches
  • Height 49.2 inches
  • Wheelbase 103.1 inches
  • Curb Weight 2,874 pounds

GT4 Stinger production


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