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Audi a6 2018 price in Pakistan sharply creased bodywork and a clean cabin make the A6 a well-tailored option for discerning drivers. audi a6 2017 base power train is a 252-hp 2.0-liter turbo four, seven-speed automatic, and front-drive; all-wheel drive with an eight-speed automated is optional.

Audi a6 2018 price in Pakistan

A supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 with all-wheel drive is also available. Audi a6 kombi 7.0-inch infotainment system is standard; Audi a6 hatchback tech such as Apple Car Play, Android Auto, night vision, adaptive cruise control, and automated emergency braking, are optional.

Audi a6 kombi

Audi a6 headlights suckers for the cars’ even power trains, humane handling, intuitive interfaces, comfortable cottages, and smart styling. Automotive facelifts usually involve head- and tail lamp revisions and the Audi a6 horsepower is no exception.Audi a6 The new headlights, with unrestricted full LEDs, have great-looking jet-age airplane graphics, and the taillights are similarly attractive.

Audi a6 headlights

Audi A6 2018 Engine;

Audi a6 dashboard also stacks up well from a performance viewpoint. The car tested here had the 3.0-liter supercharged Audi a6 diesel the bestselling power plant in the lineup and the same engine because it has powered all of the examples as mentioned earlier test winners.

Audi a6 dashboard

Audi a6 dimensions engine has lots of pull—and no just if the gas pedal is pinned to the floor. Torque, which peaks at 326 lb-ft from 2960 to 5360 rpm, comes “at the twitch of a big toe,” as we noted earlier. Audi a6 convertible ubiquitous ZF eight-speed shifts correctly when it should: quickly when you want it to, imperceptibly in more comfortable conditions. Audi a6 allroad The gear selector itself has been changed, and it’s more straightforward to operate (its appearance isn’t as high-tech, but that we don’t mind).

Audi a6 dimensions

Audi A6 2018 Price; $66,900

Speaking of appearances, the simply styled but attractive Audi a6 competition gets plenty of approving glances in parking lots, though we thought the black grille looked somewhat dull on this up level car. Audi a6 colors 2017 dapper 20-inch “Black Optic” wheels aid the styling cause but, thankfully, don’t seem to compromise ride quality.

Audi a6 competition

Audi a6 black few sports cars contain this many creature comforts. The color head-up display is welcome, and adjusting its settings doesn’t require digging into any complicated menus. lease a Audi a6 Changing the height of the image is as easy as turning a dedicated knob; push the button, and the image disappears. Operating the conventional MMI infotainment system is nearly as simple.

Audi a6 black

Audi a6 avant review the navigation function and you’ll be treated to a high-resolution Google Maps image not just about the seven-inch main MMI screen but also on the smaller excess display in that middle of the gauge clusters. Audi a6 avant black edition Other purposes can be quickly and easily called up on either screen. Climate-controlled seats and beautiful ash wood inlays are luxurious touches.

Audi a6 avant review

All of this excellence doesn’t come cheap. As tested, our Audi a6 allroad 2017 Prestige cost 66,900. Still, that’s a good value for a car with so many luxuries features that also drives this well and looks and knows so sweet. And that’s why we continue to give Audi a6 avant for sale top marks.

Audi a6 allroad 2017

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